Auto Attack System

We're thrilled to introduce you to the Ragnaverse Auto Attack System, a game-changing feature that's going to take your gameplay experience to a whole new level. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this system has something for everyone, and we're here to give you the lowdown on its fantastic features.

Auto Attack System Features:

  • Auto Heal Skill: No more worrying about your health! With the Auto Attack System, you can automatically use healing skills such as Heal, Potion Pitcher, and more to keep your HP in tip-top shape.

  • Auto HP/SP Potions Use: Configure the minimum HP or SP threshold, and the system will automatically use potions when you need them the most.

  • Sit/Regen: Set your preferred minimum HP or SP level, and your character will automatically sit to regenerate. If attacked, your character will stand up and retaliate.

  • Auto Buff Skill: Choose from your arsenal of support skills and have the system automatically cast them when needed, ensuring you're always buffed and ready for battle.

  • Auto Attack Skill: Take full control of your offensive skills. Choose from all your target or ground skills, and watch your character unleash devastation on your enemies. Ground skills are cast at the enemy's position.

  • Auto Buff Item Use: Boost your character's power with items like Concentration, Awakening, and Berserk potions. You can even set the delay between each item use for optimal efficiency.

  • Warp Prevention: Worried about accidentally warping to another map while auto attacking? We've got you covered. The system will disallow warping to other maps while the auto attack is active, ensuring you stay on target.

  • Death Detection: If your character meets an untimely demise, the Auto Attack System will automatically deactivate, preventing any unnecessary risks.

  • Auto Melee Attack Toggle: For those job classes that prefer using skills over melee attacks, you can disable auto melee attacks to suit your playstyle.

  • Teleportation Configuration: Set up teleportation conditions, such as casting a skill or using a Fly Wing, when no mobs are nearby or when your HP is low.

  • Selective Targeting: Choose your enemies by mob ID and decide whether to attack or ignore aggressive monsters not on your list.

  • Loot Management: Select which items to loot by their item ID, ensuring you only pick up what's valuable to you. Maximum of 10 Item ID.


  • @aaon - Opens Auto Attack Configuration.

  • @aaend - Stop Auto Attack.

  • @aatime - Check the remaining time.


  • 2 Hours Free Daily

VIP Tier Benefits:

Remember, the Auto Attack System comes with varying benefits depending on your VIP tier. The higher your VIP tier, the more auto attack hours you'll have daily. These auto attack hours reset every day at 12 AM server time.

Want to extend your auto attack time beyond the allotted hours? No problem! You can purchase additional hours using Zeny, so you can keep grinding and leveling up.

So, gear up, strategize, and let the Ragnaverse Auto Attack System do the heavy lifting while you focus on what you do best – conquering the world of Rune Midgard!

Get ready to revolutionize your gameplay experience with the Ragnaverse Auto Attack System. Let us know your thoughts, share your strategies, and help each other make the most of this incredible feature. Adventure awaits, and we'll see you on the battlefield!

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