Stamina System

I wanted to take a moment to introduce a new and exciting feature on our server: the Stamina System! This system aims to enhance gameplay and provide additional benefits to all our players. Let me walk you through the details:

Stamina Basics:

  • Each player is granted 1000 stamina daily, serving as a valuable resource for various activities in our game world.

  • Killing monsters with stamina grants an additional 100% Experience and Drop Rate, giving you a significant boost in leveling up your character.

  • Stamina are replenish every 12midnight Server Time.

Stamina Deduction and Life Skill Conversion:

  • When a player eliminates a monster or gain an EXP regardless if you are the killer or not, stamina is deducted based on the size of the creature. For large monsters, 3 stamina is subtracted, 2 stamina for medium monsters, and 1 stamina for small monsters. This also include when you are in a party.

  • The deducted stamina is then converted into Life Skill points, which have numerous applications in our server.

Life Skill Applications:

  • Life Skill points are vital for various activities such as crafting, daily quests, and more. These points play a crucial role in enhancing your overall gameplay experience.

  • The Life Skill system offers a maximum limit of 10,000 points. Once you reach this threshold, any additional points earned will be voided and won't contribute to the overall Life Skill limit.

We believe that this Stamina System will add a new layer of strategy and engagement to our server. It encourages players to carefully manage their stamina while providing them with valuable benefits and resources. We hope this feature will make your adventures even more enjoyable and rewarding.

We are eager to hear your thoughts on this new system. Do you have any suggestions or feedback? How are you utilizing the Stamina System in your gameplay? Share your experiences and insights with the community.

Let's embark on this exciting journey together!!

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