Skill Modifications


  • Trick Dead - Disable exp when active

Swordsman Class

  • Magnum Break - No fire Elemental bonus.

  • Endure - Doesn't have any MDEF bonuses. Doesn't cancel after 7 hits.

  • Defending Aura - 50% reduction in ASPD regardless of level.

  • Auto Guard - Attack delay of 0.3 seconds regardless of level.

  • Bowling Bash - Can only be used with 2 handed Sword. Has 1 second cool down.

  • Brandish Spear - Has 1 second cool down.

Mage Class

  • Lord of Vermillion - Does not cause the blind effect.

  • Meteor Storm - Does not cause the stun effect.

  • Dispell - Requires 1 Red Gemstone and 1 Yellow Gemstone to use.

  • Quagmire - Limit to 5 Instances.

  • Firewall - active knockback on Undead Property monster.

Archer Class

  • Arrow Shower - Requires a target and cannot be cast on the ground.

  • Ankle Snare - Only effect enemies in WoE and PvM.

  • Songs - Effects of songs linger for 3 seconds once the user steps outside.

  • Blitz Beat - Auto Blitz no longer splits or divides the damage. Damage is now base on Agi and Dex.

Merchant Class

  • Marine Sphere - Summoned Marine Sphere have their normal HP when summoned.

  • Summon Flora - Summoned Flora monsters can be damaged outside of PvP/WoE. Players can summon multiple types at one time.

  • Greed Skill - Disabled

  • Mammonite - Zeny cost reduced. Level 10 Cost 0 Zeny, but increase sp consumption. Damage Increase to 800% when max level and 10% Chance to destroy weapon and armor.

Thief Class

  • Throw Stone - Flat 50 damage. 5% chance to stun.

  • Backstab - Does not force the target to turn around. No damage penalty for using a bow though it is still melee distance. Increase damage from 700% to 900% when max Level. Skill can be casted regardless of the position of the enemy.

  • Improve Dodge - +30 Flee rate on First class and +60 Flee rate on 2nd class when max to Level 10.

  • Katar Mastery - Now adds +6 damage per level instead of +3 damage. Critical Rate + 10% when equip with Katar Weapon.

  • Righthand Mastery - Increase 150% Damage instead of 100%.

  • Lefthand Mastery - Increase 130% Damage instead of 80%.

  • Sonic Blow - Damage increased to 1500% when max Level.

  • Double Attack - Critical Damage enabled.

Acolyte Class

  • Decrease AGI - Has a base success rate of 53% + 3%*Skill Level.

  • Signum Crucis - Has a maximum of -30% Def and 45% chance of success.

  • Snap - Requires 1 sphere regardless of fury state. Disabled the use of skill when under ankle snare.

  • Demon Bane - Increases ATK against undead and demon monsters by 3*level instead of using the user's base level.

  • Divine Protection - Increases VIT DEF against undead and demon monsters by 3*level instead of using the user's base level.

  • Mace Mastery - Additional 3 crit per level.

These adjustments may be updated as needed to maintain balance.

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